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When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first.

-Tom Hiddleston
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“Exclusive”……….The Lucky Girl Who Is Driving Tom Kaulitzs’s Car

September 26, 2011

When you date a celebrity you are an extension of them.  You should know that sooner or later certain parts of your life will interact with their media life. You will be pushed up on a pedestal to receive the best of what they receive. That means that you are in part a “celebrity” as well. You will not be photographed as much as the celeb but people will know who you are because they care about the people in their celebs lives.  You are in a place where millions of girls wanna be!!! I am posting this picture because she is now a celebrity by proximity to one of the biggest European celebs. 

“She” was shopping in a “Target” store when I took these photos from through a window so we can all see who this lucky girl is. She seems very humble and quite pretty in person. She shops at “Target” so she does not appear to be a gold-digger either!

Just from an outside persepctive: I feel that she is probably a great girl for Tom who is with him because they make each other happy on a normal level. I am glad to see that Tom has someone special in his life. I do not plan on photographing her again anytime in the future unless she is with Tom either so anyone who likes or dislikes this can rest at ease now.

i think it would be best if all accept the fact that Tom probably have found the right woman for him and there’s really nothing wrong with her you guys. I admit I am a bit jealous about all this, but as long as Tom is happy I am too. We all love these boys (Tokio Hotel) and sooner or later, even Bill might find someone too; we all just need to accept it and move on, okay? So there really is no point of going all GAGA about this because it is ridiculous. Besides, I think Ria is a nice girl, compare to all those girls Tom has been linked to in the past. Now we know that physical appearance is not that important.—-jayden.maria—-

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